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Stand out from the crowd of thousands of other job seekers and prove to employers you are qualified for their job.

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Resume Writing - Interview Preparation - Career Coaching
Salary Negotiation - Career Assessment

RichmondJobSource wants to help those in the area who have been impacted by the recession, or have been laid off by slashing our prices for resume writing, interview coaching and expert job hunting consultations. We are offering the following rates.

Resume Preparation and Cover Letters
$150 and up
Interviewing and/or Career Coaching
Job Hunting Consultations
Career Assessment
Engage two services and receive a 10% discount, three services a 15% discount and four services a 20% discount


Our resources can make that happen by helping you attain a position of confidence and strength in the highly competitive Richmond job market.

The Team of Career Consultants at bring time-proven techniques in career transition, a wealth of corporate experience and a pulse on the Richmond Job Market.   Our experts boast an average of 20 years experience in counseling individuals in administrative areas, finance, law, healthcare, human resources, information technology, and sales and marketing.

Let’s take a look at the services offered:

Individual Assessment

Career Values. Values are a part of a person’s core beliefs and give meaning to their career and life. Identifying and aligning your values with your career has a major impact on your level of job satisfaction.  This assessment includes values clarification exercises and an in-depth analysis of your career goals. Includes an in-depth, 18 page report and 30 minutes of consultant interpretation.

Career Interest.  If you are searching for career direction, this tool will help identify your top career choices. The assessment measures 6 traits and suggests 20 to 40 top careers that fit your interests.  Included are job descriptions, links to O-Net and NOC databases, helpful information and exercises for additional career exploration. Includes a comprehensive 14 page report and 30 minutes of consultant interpretation.

Career Transition.  Offers insight into your personality traits, the kinds of work you enjoy and how you can manage your career.   Defined are your individual work style, approach to problem solving, managing change and dealing with stress. This 21 page report provides exercises to help you understand your strengths and develop a plan for changing careers. Includes 30 minutes of consultant interpretation.

Creating Powerful Resumes and Cover Letters

How do you get a job? It begins with your “marketing brochure”, a high impact resume that effectively markets your accomplishments. On an average, human resources recruiters receive over 200 resumes per job opening, and spend less than 15 seconds deciding who will get a telephone interview. Do you want to be in this group? Of course you do! So let an expert help you identify and highlight your strengths with a solid resume that will open doors for you.

Cover letters are critical to helping you “stand out from the pack” by drawing attention to the accomplishments on your resume, instead of wasting valuable time writing resumes for different job openings. Our services include five different cover letters to use with recruiters, posting your resume on job boards, postings on company websites, networking contacts and blind ads.

Interviewing Preparation and Techniques

Are you just out of school and unfamiliar with interviewing in the “real world”?  Have you been in your present job for a while or re-entering the job market and haven’t had to interview recently?

Interviews are tough, at best. Being prepared is critical to your success. Do you know the answers that prospective employers want to hear? We do and can help you prepare for the dreaded, tough interview questions.

Career Coaching in Specialty Areas

- Is there something that is confusing or stopping you in your job search or career  such as:

- Entering or re-entering the job market

- Recently downsized and feeling uncomfortable about it

- Changing careers or industries

- Preparing a winning job search strategy

- Using effective networking techniques within the Richmond community

- Salary negotiations to ensure nothing is left on the table

Our services are custom designed to help you overcome any obstacle in your job search. You choose the amount of consulting time needed and we provide support and materials to help you move forward.

How Do I Get Started?

Contact us for a free no-obligation consultation to discuss how we can work together.

804-560-0070   -  Email Us   -  Complete our Contact Form


We stand behind our career consulting services and guarantee that our services will help you receive more response from employers, more interviews and feel more confident during the interview and salary negotiating process. If you are not satisfied, please contact us within 7 days of receiving our services.


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